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General Questions

We carscrapbuyer UAE, the leading car scrap buyer & recycling network in the United Arab Emirates. We are here to help you sell your scrap car in a fast and easy way, with the best prices and the most convenient service.

The goal of carscrapbuyer is to give consumers the finest service and value possible. Every year, we effectively connect tens of thousands of car vendors and purchasers. On an impartial review site, we have received over 17,000 reviews and a score of 44.9/5. Please read our customer reviews and testimonials to learn what they are saying about us.

No, all rapid online quotations are offered without cost or commitment.

By calling us and defining the status of your vehicle we quickly determine how much your car is worth. We will evaluate the costs being charged for your vehicle. For your car crap, recycling facilities strive to offer the greatest price. Our prices take into account the year, make, and model of your car as well as the worth of the scrap metal and any salvageable components. Prices are contingent on the car being delivered whole and undamaged. Before the sale is finalized by both parties, the listed price may be revised if an aftermarket catalytic converter is installed.

You will receive an call or email confirming the quote after accepting the instant online quote. Upon your acceptance of the quote, the designated recycling facility or salvage buyer will call you within four business hours to confirm your contact information, payment method, and to schedule a convenient time and date for the collection of your vehicle.

If, after accepting the quote, you decide that you no longer want your car scrap to be collected, do let us know as soon as possible. If you send a truck to pick up the automobile without notifying us that you’ve changed your mind, you can be penalized for a wasted trip.

car Scrap, Salvage and Unwanted Car Collection

No, all quotes from carscrapbuyer UAE, come with free pickup from the address used to create your quote.

Yes. A regular recovery vehicle must be able to safely access your car. The area must have stable terrain, be accessible for the recovery vehicle, and be close enough for the vehicle to be driven or winched. Your collection may need to be rescheduled or cancelled, and you may be charged for a wasted trip, if the truck finds the vehicle to be unavailable upon arrival.

Yes. You will also be given information about at least one authorised facility in your area where you can drop off your automobile when you receive your rapid online quote. If you deliver your car, you could occasionally receive a somewhat higher price. Your quote acceptance can be printed off and brought with you.

If you approve the quote, the our team will call you within four business hours. The buyer’s regular business hours will be confirmed in the email you receive after accepting the quote.

Sometimes we offer weekend collection. When our team calls to schedule the collection, please bring this up.

Upon picking up your car, the we (buyer) are supposed to issue you a receipt.

Cash payments for scrap automobiles are not allowed. Only bank transfers or non-negotiable checks are accepted as forms of payment. When accepting the quote online, we will visit you and after lifting up the scrap, you will be paid immediately.

Information about my car

Although not required, it is preferred. Inquire about this when the we calls to schedule the collection, please.

It is preferred to have identification with you but not necessary. 

A key is not usually necessary. When the salvage buyer or recycling centre calls to make arrangements for collection, kindly negotiate with them.

No. Without appropriate insurance and a VT by RTA, however, you should not leave or drive your car on a public roadway. Instead, you should call carscrapbuyer, who will make arrangements to have it picked up for you.